Saturday, 2 July 2011

the 2nd july of 2011

what an awesome time!!no a blast!!huhu happy giler arinie ...heheh...kan 'bdk kecik'...hehe k la the story begins when i arrive to pekeliling jln smp xnmpk org then letak beg at simpan beg tu which only cost Rm3 then gi kat metro nyer station to buy a ticket nk blk nnt then tgh2 beratur ni nk beli tiket i give him a call nk tanya kat ner..
syida: u kat ner???
bdk kecik: i kat sebelah u!!
when i turn around i saw something tall haha its him!!!holding my bus ticket!! huhuh
seriously never thought that he would be that tall so then we both smiling n smiling shy2 cat la konon nyer huhu then we off to TS...grab a lunch at ...

so we order peach tea for myself n mango juice for him n nasi goreng ayam n some sort of keuh teow kung fu ..xingt ler...huhu

then after we had done lunch n tons of picture taken hehe...kitrg pun jln2 SHOPG!!!

dia jer dah dua bj kan 'bdk kecik' hehe...i satu bj jer :P
then kirg dah penat jln2 kitrg gi mkn icecream!!!

really i had fun ...owh i forgot the most important thing hehe talk on the phone about 15 min kowt im in the bus dia luar bas cuma hlg kitrg cermin bus tu jer ngn wat muka bagai org sebelah dia tu tgk jer hehe.. dlm lrt xnk citer ler ...heheh nk smpn 4 myself n what had happen be4 bllk hehe MALU LA U!!!

oh yah before i go thank u so much !!i had a blast hehe rs cam nk stay je ngn u ..huhu


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