Sunday, 26 June 2011

a love that is hard to find

since  i was a little kid i never felt a love that people always appreciate and a pure love that people always remember... losing a mother is the most sad thing happen in my life...but He loves her more than i do... and now only hope for love from a dad ...but then its all just a dream.... hoping for him to call he never do...hoping for him to say hi...quite impossible ...i hada father which i felt i never had.. im not saying a bad things bout him..but is it so hard to have his love towards his own child?? its not that i never tried ..but i have tried a million times...i called him he never asnwer i text him he never reply...doesnt he realise that he still have a child ...or he just forgotten???
well actually i am jealous ...jealous of seeing  any parents send their children to collage or school ..jealous of hearing a conversation of my fwen n with their parents..a sound of happy ...mad ...towards their parents ..a sound of love towards their parents....a sound that its hard for me to have one ...i wish i will find that love someday ... to felt it the joy n love from my own father........

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